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Become a new member or renew your existing membership for Vacation Rental Homeowners and Homeshares.

We require you to contribute for each short term rental home you own. We need to educate our Rancho Mirage neighbors about how vacation rentals contribute to our community.  With your support, we'll collect and disseminate true facts and advocate for sensible vacation rental policies with the City Council, with the Vacation Rental Compliance Department and in the media. 

You are required to have had an active vacation rental or homeshare permit in the last three years to join.  You will automatically receive an email requesting this information once you have completed the new member or renewal above.

VRON-RM's co-founders and volunteers contribute their time and efforts and are not compensated, but the organization requires continuing financial resources for hard costs such as legal, software, campaigns, research, programs, accounting, marketing, etc.

We do not share your contribution and personal information with any outside entities.


Initiation Due Schedule:

Single family homes: $10,000

4-bedroom condo: $4,000

3-bedroom condo: $3,000

2-bedroom condo: $2,000

1 bedroom condo: $1,000


A 3% credit card processing fee has been added onto each if the initiation dues below.

If you prefer to use ZellePay, there is no credit card processing fee. Please use [email protected] as the email address. There is information on ZellePay through these links.